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What’s up b*tches and gentlemen, don’t forget to read up on how being too nice could be ruining your relationships in today’s article. I had such an amazing time working with Gracie Gorka (insta: @graciegorka) on this Thursday’s feature so go check it out and don’t forget to visit her instagram as well! Happy Thursday Whores!!!

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The first article is up! How To Recover From a Regretful Halloweekend. Remember, new content is published every Tuesday and Thursday!

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Angel Number!!! Don’t forget to manifest today!!! (My tattoo is 222) Remember you’re on the right path and fuck anyone who disagrees ❤ New Content coming soon, sorry I’ve been MIA, I got promoted at my real job and started a new special business venture… Anyways, I was going to keep the updates page formal but shit-posting is WAY more fun. Definitely start checking this more often!!!

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